Yeepeng Festival

Chiangmai yee-peng lanna international 2019
(At Northern study Center Maerim Chiangmai)


** price includes insurance   ** Name -Surname -nationality for insurance**

   What will be: 
   1. Entry card for 1 person.
   2. Gift (Souvenir) 
   3. Food /drink (Except alcohol) provided at the event.
   4. 2 lanterns / 1 person. 
   6. Watch performances and participate in various activities at the event, In the field of Chiang Mai               
       traditional activities, Yee peng lanna international 2018

 Schedule 11-12 Nov 2019

18:00 PM  Arrive at Northern study Center. Please plan your trip in advance in order to arrive at the event  
                 one hour before the ceremony starts. (Before 19:00 PM) Enjoy authentic Lanna Thai snacks.,
                 Desserts, Foods and Beverages. Enjoy seeing Lanna & Thai culture exhibition. 
19:00 PM  All guests and tourists enter the ceremony area. 
                 Chanting and meditation before releasing sky lantern. 
19:30 PM  Sky lantern releasing ceremony to pay homage to the Lord Buddha. (1person=2lanterns) 
20:00 PM  End of ceremony

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